UT Entrepreneurship Week

The paramount goal of Longhorn Startup Camp is to establish a space in which students with startups can congregate, creating a critical mass of startup activity, a breeding ground for ideas, learning, exchanges of best practices, team formation and general celebration of startup progress.

– Bob Metcalfe

There are a lot of components to a successful startup ecosystem and one of the biggest is education.  The University of Texas at Austin worked with ATI to put Longhorn Startup Camp into place, a student incubator located in the new College of Information building in downtown Austin.  There are a ton of great startups that now have access to mentors, resources and most importantly a community that cares about their success. Please go out and support them by attending UTEweek, going on the week before SXSW.  Every entrepreneur and mentor that participates is helping to grow the startup community’s lifeblood, the willing and able student entrepreneurs in Austin!

Longhorn Startup Camp Showcases 27 New Companies During Startup Crawl March 8

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